Start Here: Understanding uuptick

Start Here: Understanding uuptick


If you are new to uuptick, you are at the right place. If you got here through signing up for our starter pack that’s great, if not you might want to check it out by clicking here.

uuptick is a stock analysis platform for smart investors. You can visit the sites home page here.

The platform is still being developed. We are currently undergoing a first round of testing with 25 investors. You can find out more about the testing process by visiting these blog posts (any colored text from here includes a link to the relevant post):

Week 1: The uuptick tester pool.

In this blog post we introduce you to the investors who have been involved in the first round of testing.

Week 2: Gathering feedback and incorporating it.

After a week of testing, I discussed how our testers have a central role in developing our platform.

Week 3 & 4: How we created a database of financial statements…at no cost.

In this post I explain what we are trying to achieve with our data sourcing algorithm. It is quite technical, but provides interesting insights.

Our FREE S.A.F.E Dividend Method Ebook

Robert and I have co-written a free 25 page ebook explaining the framework we use personally to manage our dividend growth portfolios. If you haven’t yet signed up for uuptick’s starter pack, now would be a good time to do so.

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Robert’s Seeking Alpha Articles

Robert has been actively writing articles analyzing stocks which enter our S.A.F.E stock screener. These are good examples of how you can use the S.A.F.E method described in our ebook. You should check them out.

Trey Henninger’s Video Tests of Uuptick

One of our first 25 testers, Trey Henninger has produced a couple videos of his experience testing our software. While a lot of what you see in these videos has continually been updated, they will give you a good idea of how the platform works.

You can keep coming back to this page as it will be updated every time there is something new for us to add.