Working with 25 Beta Testers: Week 1

Working with 25 Beta Testers: Week 1

On April the 16th, a group of 25 testers logged in to  uuptick to test our first features.

For those of you who aren’t yet acquainted with uuptick, it is a new stock analysis platform for individual investors. Our goal is to develop a platform which is both comprehensive and intuitive that investors enjoy using.  Visit our home page to learn more about it.

To create such a platform, we have mapped out steps investors take when analyzing equities to understand what tools they would need, in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

We are now at a crossroads where we need to confront our assumptions to investors expectations.


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Around two weeks ago, applications to become an uuptick tester started flowing in. Among all the applicants, 25 were handpicked to take part in the testing process. They were selected based on interest, experience, and motivation to take part in the testing process.

Video calls were organized with the testers to discuss their expectations, as well as to explain how the process is organized.

Every two weeks, testers will receive a new feature to test.

This week, they got to test the main dashboard, our smart stock screener, as well as the company summary page.

What is great about our pool of testers is that they are extremely diverse in background, country and age.

Among us we have:

We have great diversification across age:

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As well as across geographies:

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Which is great because we believe that having people from a multitude of backgrounds will really help create an original, edgy product which investors will want to use.

After 1 week of testing here is what we learned:

  1. Things are going to break. No matter how much you prepare before, something is going to break. We have decided to embrace this from the second the first thing went wrong (namely, me sending a broken link to all our testers…).
  2. Testers won’t mind that fixes are needed. We are lucky that we have a group of testers who are passionate about investing in equities and who are patient enough when things don’t go as smoothly as planned. We commit to fixing bugs as fast as possible, and had already implemented changes and fixes to 5 elements within the first 48 hours.
  3. Some people will go above and beyond to help out. This is, what has baffled me. People who a few days were strangers, are now accepting to use their free time to be on the phone with me, to give genuine feedback on how they feel about the product, and how they would make it better. These insights have been invaluable.
  4. Testers will give you contradictory testimonials. The first tester might want less information in a widget, whereas the next will want more information. This is to be expected, but makes our job tough.
  5. One on One calls are more valuable than surveys. We have decided to do both. Our testers have completed in app surveys, giving us their opinion on the usability of different features. This is a great way to collect data, since you have text answers to analyze later. We chose to use Survicate which allows you to have a neat little pop-up on your website. Some testers have also volunteered to discuss the issues they encountered with us through a phone call/video call.  This is great because you can really question their answers to get to the root of the problems they have. One tester even discussed extensively our marketing plan and business model with us, which was a great discussion to have.

What’s Next?

On our side, we are finalizing gathering feedback both through calls and online surveys. We will then synthesize the results, and implement the changes which we believe our necessary. We have already fixed lots of minor bugs which the testers have mentioned.

On the testers side, they can use our platform freely and talk to us about what they expect for the next steps as often as they want to.

In the upcoming weeks they will have the chance to test our XBRL financial statements viewer and downloader, our price charts tool, our dividend analysis page, as well as valuation and peer tools.

If you want to receive our newsletter with updates about the development and follow the testing process just submit your email adress.

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On the other hand, if you want to take part in the next round of testing, you can apply by simply filling out this form.

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You can contact me directly for any questions at